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HEC v.1.0.2 is released

The new version of Haploid Evolutionary Constructor is released and ready to download. The current version provides GUI and opportunity to use trophic and synthesis strategy plugins. It also allows using and saving model scripts. The program is available on Windows and Linux platforms. Requirements:  Java(JRE) 1.6 or higher. The detailed description of the script […]

Developing HEC plugins

HEC Open API There are two types of plugins in the HEC: trophic strategy plugins and synthesis strategies plugins. Plugins should be built as dynamic libraries (*.dll on Windows, *.so on Linux). In order to make personal plugins, one should develop subclasses of the abstract classes Increaser (for trophic strategies) and SynthesisStrategy (for synthesis strategies). […]

Using special script language for HEC models

Instruction to Haploid Evolutionary Constructor script language The software package “Haploid Evolutionary constructor” (HEC) provides modeling scenarios with the use of the special script language. Any scenario of HEC model consists of two consequent sections: 1) Model declaration section; 2) Calculation section. The comment lines may begin with the following symbols: // (C-style), ! (Fortran-style), […]

EC v.1.0.1 is released

The beta-version of EC v.1.0.1 is released and ready to download. The current version is only script-based, no GUI provided. The detailed description of the script modelling language of EC is here. The description of files generated with EC modelling process is here.

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