There are models constructed with the HEC.

1.A simple model of a cell culture in flowing environment analogous to the classic logistic Verhulst’s model describes a prokaryotic community consisting of one population. Download.

2. Series of models describing the competition of alleles along with the selection in populations and illustrate satisfaction of Fisher’s theorem of natural selection. The only difference in all 6 models is the initial distribution of alleles of nonspecific substrate utilization gene. These distributions were chosen in such a way that their variances varied from 1 to 6 while their mean values were the same. Download (variance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

3. Model of horizontal gene transfer in a community consiting of 7 populations. Download.

4. Model of evolutionary amplification of a prokaryotic community. Download.

5. Model of phage infection in a prokaryotic community. Download.

6. Poisoner-prey model. Download.